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Aromatherapy Spell Tea Light Candles - Scented Candle Magic

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A set of four lovingly handmade tea light candles, fragranced with essential oils, and decorated with crystals and sparkle. 

Choose from 

Green - Prosperity, abundance, luck and wealth. 

Blue - Inspiration, Wisdom, Ideas, Meditation, Aspirations, Communication

Purple / Lilac - Power, magic, prosperity, divination

Red / Pink - Family, Hope, Friendship, Romance, Soulmates, Fertility, Passion, Action, Courage, Vitality, Fire, Love, Lust, Sexuality

Yellow - Confidence, Inspiration, Charm, Clarity, Intellect, Ideas, Creativity, Positivity

Each set of four comes in a gift box with a spell card. 

Light the tea light and clear your mind. Think about what you want and recite these words three times.

'By the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire

May I attract what I desire

May it harm none

So mote it be'

Let the tea light burn down. When you feel ready, extinguish the flame safely. 

Handmade for Bliss and Magic by Karma Cavern.