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Candle Magic - Spell Candles

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Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Remember making wishes when you blow out a candle on your birthday?

Candle magic is similar, but instead of hoping for your wish to come true, you're declaring your intent.

Candle Magic has colour correspondences, choose from the following colours;

Blue - Inspiration, Wisdom, Ideas, Meditation, Healing, Aspirations, Communication

Black - Protection

Pink - Family, Hope, Friendship, Romance, Soulmates, Fertility

Red - Passion, Action, Courage, Vitality, Fire, Love, Lust, Sexuality

Yellow - Confidence, Inspiration, Charm, Clarity, Intellect, Ideas, Creativity

Orange - Charm, confidence, persuasion

Purple - Power, magic, prosperity

White - Purity, innocence, peace, tranquility Light Blue - Peace

Green - Prosperity, abundance, luck Each candle measures approx 10cm high x 1 cm wide.

You will receive one candle in your choice of colour.