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Luna Soleil Blush Pink Tarot Deck

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Spellbound stars and moonlight align with the bestselling Luna Soleil Tarot Deck by Annalise Dragonetti, founder of Terra Soleil, independently published in Philadelphia. 

This is a complete deck of 78 cards in the traditional tarot format, with numbered cards and suits for the major and minor arcana. This magical deck was designed for anyone to use, from beginners to advanced tarot readers.

These cards are intricately designed, featuring celestial art designed by Annalise. The back of each tarot card has a mesmerising zodiac constellation, with printed flecks of gold shimmer woven through the stars.

This is a complete 78 card tarot deck in blush pink and gold, including the Major and Minor Arcana, in an eco-friendly linen ritual pouch, with a four page instruction leaflet and a hand selected quartz crystal. Please note that this deck doesn't include a guidebook. 

Main Image Credit Instagram @moonmagicsun