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Magical Self Care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderweldt

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Magical Self Care for Everyday Life - Create your own personal wellness rituals using the Tarot, space clearing, breathwork, high vibe recipes and more.

Magic meets self-care in Leah Vanderveldt's feel-good guide that's both practical and mystical. Explore the different ways you can honour your body, mind and spirit and culivate a kinder relationship with yourself.

Beautiful photographs and an array of magical tools will inspire you to find out what works best for you on your personal wellness journey.

Let the magic begin...

... Create your own rituals, from designing a healing herbal infusion to creating a personal morning practice. Deepen your personal understanding with Tarot reflections and enhance your life with crystals, breathwork and empowering movements. Discover nourishing high-vibe recipes, such as the Empress breakfast, the full moon pasta feast, and the walnut pesto and brain-health bowl.

A beautiful book!