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Raw Rhodochrosite Crystal (No.2)

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Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of the compassionate heart, and it vibrates with the energy of pure love, the most powerful energy in the world.

This beautiful raspberry pink crystal emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace. It is a talisman of joy.

Wearing, carrying or meditating with Rhodochrosite helps you to feel joyful, stimulates creativity and personal power. It is also thought to enhance passion and sexuality. It is a great stone to meditate with to help manifest new love, being a friend or a romantic partner. This is a hand polished Rhodochrosite specimen, weighing 70g. It is approx 5cm tall and 4.5cm wide.