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Spells for Peace of Mind by Cerridwen Greenleaf

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Welcome to the world of sacred self-care to help you restore serenity to your life. Discover easy to do spells and rituals, as well as helpful hints to deal with stress, anxiety and worry.

You will discover and delight in...

- Crystals to ground, balance and create a flow of ease and positive energy.

- Stress busting essential oils and aromatherapy to boost your immunity and mood.

- The deep healing benefits of herbal brews, tinctures and tonics.

- Witch crafting for calm with kitchen cupboard incense, enchanted amulets, and an amethyst circle of protection ring.

- Sweet dreams charms, potions and spells for a good night's sleep.

- The mental magic of meditation for relaxation and letting go to find greater clarity and peace.